Happy Jackson 2018

A little secret about me, I love tech stuff! I am a massive Apple fan and I am always looking for fun accessories for my tech which is where Happy Jackson come in! Today marks the launch of the new Spring-Summer line of tech accessories with a refreshed colour palette and some cool new items that I just had to share! I will also have a giveaway live on Twitter so make sure you check that out too.
Happy Jackson Spring/Summer 2018
Happy Jackson Spring/Summer 2018
Happy Jackson has always been a brand I have been attracted to as I love the bright, fun coloured theme that the brand has. It's perfect to add a little fun to your life and my tech has had a fun upgrade! All of the products from this range come well presented and I just can't get enough. All but one of these products is for my iPhone which I am basically obsessed with. 

I love my iPhone and I use so much it's almost a problem sometimes and one of the main issues I have with it is that it is always running out of battery. Portable Chargers are one of the best inventions ever when it comes to tech. I have so many different ones but the Cubed Power Bank is one of the coolest ones I have when it comes to design! This has a 2600mAh capacity which for an iPhone 6S Plus usually gives me around 60% charge which is perfect for a top up on the go. It's small enough that it takes up hardly any room in my handbag and I love the colour of it. On the front of the cube, it says "I Have Secret Powers (and this is where they live)". It comes with a black and white coven cable to be able to recharge the charger and if you have a kindle, these leads charge those too! 

Speaking of the gorgeous black and white woven lead. The Lightening Cable with Tidy is probably one of the best charging leads I have ever used for my iPhone. It's 0.6 metre in length that is perfect for where my plugs are and for portable charging. But as it has a high-quality woven design, the actual lead has extra strength and is still flexible. If you have an iPhone, you'll know the leads die within a couple of months and always need replacing but this one is so much better! I love that it comes with a little tidy wrap as it keeps the lead organised and stops it from getting in a tangle!

I never leave the house without a pair of headphones and the Earbuds with Pouch are a new favourite of mine. It takes me 30 minutes to walk home from work some days so I always like to listen to something on the way. I have the pink version but they do also have a blue option available. These are really comfortable in-ear headphones with a soft silicone earbud and a black and white woven cable, just like the last two products feature. The sound quality is good and they just add a fun little pop of colour to my tech! I love that these come with a sturdy carry case so I can keep them untangled in my handbag and on the go. 

USB Sticks are something I am always in need of as I like to save backups of important files on them in case my iMac fails and iCloud hates me. Happy Jackson has two super fun 4 GB USB Sticks available, I have a yellow speech bubble that says Random Crap on and the other option is a blue cube that says Actual Mini Brain on it. The storage space on this is perfect for what I need and if you're a student I would highly recommend one of these! 

You can find the Happy Jackson Tech Accessories at John Lewis and Venom Comms - HERE

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