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Nails Inc Self-Made Mermaid Nail Polish Duo Review

As soon as I saw this on Instagram, I knew I needed it! I love these kinds of nail polish colours on me and Nails Inc are one of my favourite formulations of nail polish so it was the perfect fit! My Mum actually got me this for my Birthday and I'm so glad she did as its all I have worn on my nails since I got them a couple of weeks ago. 
Nails Inc Self-Made Mermaid Nail Polish Duo Review
Nails Inc Self-Made Mermaid Nail Polish Duo Review
Nails Inc Self-Made Mermaid Nail Polish Duo Review
This is the brand new Nails Inc Self-Made Mermaid Duo, I always love getting their duos as they are great value for money. One Nails Inc polish retails for £11 so you get an extra one for only £4! Nail Polish Direct does sell the polishes individually as well if you only want one of the two shades. I loved my Unicorn duo so I had high hopes for this one and it hasn't disappointed. This launched earlier this month and it seems that so many brands are launching mermaid themed beauty products, mermaid is becoming the new unicorn and I'm not mad about it! I love blue and teal colours and I didn't have any polishes similar to these in my collection.

Inside the mermaid scaled box are the two gorgeous polishes. Each of the polishes is a full-sizes from Nails Inc with the silver mirrored pull off cap. I really like the square nail polish bottles, they are one of my favourite nail polish bottle designs and they have a very luxe feel to them. Both of these polishes have gorgeous finishes which I love because I get bored of creme polishes and I find that they usually chip much easier than shimmer or reflective polishes. The two polishes included are Mermaid Parade and Ocean Ever After. Both are going to give you mermaid, under the sea vibes! 

Mermaid Parade is a stunning soft opalescent pearl teal polish with a purple/lilac shift. This polish definitely needs three coats to achieve the intensity that is in the bottle and I personally don't mind that as these polishes are very long wearing. This polish looks stunning on the nails with a high shine glossy finish and I have found I prefer it over a similar shade of creme polish as a top coat. It looks gorgeous over lilac and baby blue polishes! While I love both shades, Ocean Ever After is my favourite out of the two. This shade is insane on the nails and only needs two coats for full intensity! In some lights, this looks more green and others more blue - I love it! This is an extremely shimmery polish that's super reflective. To me, this is the sort of colour I think of when I think of mermaids and that makes it a perfect fit for this duo.

The brush of these polishes is fantastic. It's wide but sleek so it hugs the nails perfectly for a clean application every time. I love how quick drying these polishes are, they only take a couple of minutes to dry which is great for me as I can never sit still! I hardly ever use base and top coats so my nail polish doesn't often last long but these are so impressive! My polish lasted about six days without any chips and my nail polish usually chips after 24 hours!! I can't wait to see what Nails Inc launch next. 

The Nails Inc Self-Made Mermaid Duo retails for £15 - HERE



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