Eylure Blend & Care False Eyelash Blender Review

I have been really enjoying wearing false lashes lately but one problem I would have is that sometimes my actual lashes and the false ones wouldn't blend together which is where this little handy tool comes in! This is the answer to all your lash blending problems...
Eylure Blend & Care False Eyelash Blender Review
Eylure Blend & Care False Eyelash Blender Review
The Eylure Blend & Care Eyelash Blender has been designed to have your natural lashes blended with your falsies in a flash. There is nothing worse than unblended lashes, especially when you look from the side. When it comes to false lashes and I can't believe something like this hasn't been launched sooner! The easiest way you can spot someone wearing false lashes is that telltale gap so this is a must-have when it comes to false lashes if you ask me. 

This is something to lightly coat the lashes while blending them together with the falses to get your best lash look with minimum fuss. You apply a coat to your natural lashes before applying falses then you will go ahead and reapply once you've applied the false lashes. While you could just use a normal mascara I think that this actually works so much better because the formula is so lightweight you don't end up with clumpy lashes. 

It's great for the false lashes as they won't end up with a tonne of excess mascara on them so you can still reuse the lashes. I do really like the wand/brush as it comes through the lashes brilliantly which really helps when it comes to blending the natural and false lashes together. This also has lash loving ingredients and it works brilliantly as a bottom lash mascara too! 

The Eylure Blend & Care False Lash Blender retails for £10.95 - HERE


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