Glossier Lash Slick First Impressions (+ Discount Code!)

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I get so excited whenever Glossier launch a new product and I always seem to purchase them even before reading the description which I never normally do with any product. A lot of the time, I won't even buy a product before reading reviews but I am a Glossier fangirl. I love trying out mascaras but I am so fussy with mascara that I wasn't sure if I would like this or not...
Glossier Lash Slick
Glossier Lash Slick
Glossier Lash Slick
Glossier Lash Slick
The brand new product from Glossier is the Lash Slick. This mascara retails for £14 and I was honestly surprised at the price tag as I thought it would be around the £18 mark and it's actually only slightly more expensive than many mascaras on the high street. It's a black mascara that aims to lengthen and define the lashes. It 's cruelty-free, paraben free, fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It has absolutely stunning packaging, like all Glossier products and I am obsessed with the baby pink tube but Glossier can't do no wrong in my eyes. 

The wand itself is one of my favourite types when it comes to mascaras. I love plastic mascara brushes as I find them much easier and less messy to use. It's a thinner brush that's slightly tapered and it's one of the best mascara wands I have used. I find it so easy to comb it through the lashes from root to tip and it coats the lashes brilliantly without ever making them look clumpy. When I read that they had created 248 formulations to get this right I knew that it was going to be a great mascara and it's even better than I thought it would be if I'm honest. 

Lash Slick is the perfect everyday mascara, I personally like to wear this on days when I don't wear any winged liner or if I'm going for a simpler makeup look as it isn't as high impact as my usual mascara. It contains Japanese Fiber Technology that adds fibres to your lashes to make them longer. When Emily (the founder of Glossier) wanted to create a mascara, she wanted it to mimic the appearance of lash extensions and it does exactly that. It enhances your natural lashes by curling, lengthening and sculpting your lashes without ever making them look clumpy. I have been wearing this every day for the last week and it is really great stuff. It never clumps no matter how many coats I wear and it never feels crispy on the lashes, it has a very flexible feel to it. 

The best part about this mascara, besides how lovely it makes the lashes look, is that it doesn't flake or smudge throughout the day! I find with almost every mascara I have used that it will transfer onto the skin around my eyes but this doesn't move until I remove it! Even when I don't wear this on the upper lashes, I always use it on the bottom lashes as I never have to worry about getting panda eyes and I love the effect. Of course, I have only been using this for a short while but so far so good! If anything changes I will update this post. 

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This post contains affiliate links. 


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