Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

I love multi-purpose products, I always feel like they are much better value for money which is why this product caught my attention. I have heard nothing but good things about the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream so I was really interested to see how it would work for me. And I have to say, this stuff really is fantastic!
Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream
Egyptian Magic is made from six all-natural ingredients of honey, beeswax, olive oil, royal jelly, bee pollen and bee propolis and is based on a formula that was created thousands of years ago. It contains no added preservatives, alcohol or water and also doesn't contain any parabens, GMO ingredients and has no fragrances added. This product retails for £29 for a 118ml size and is available at Boots.

This can be used for so many different uses, the list is endless! From helping repair dry skin and soothing scars to taming hair frizz and hydrating chapped lips - these are just a few. I have even heard that it's an amazing makeup primer if you have dry skin. While it can be used on the face and body, I have mainly been using it on any extremely dry patches of skin on the body but I also really like it as a hair treatment. I have been using this once a week on the mids-ends of my hair and leaving it on for about 30 minutes before washing out and shampooing.

I have been obsessed with this! It's brilliant for any dry areas of skin as it instantly comforts and adds so much hydration back into the skin. Even though this does have an oily texture once you begin to apply it to the skin, it doesn't feel at all greasy. It's very smooth on the skin and sinks in within a couple of minutes. If you have extremely dry skin, you will be obsessed with this! I had some dry patches of skin that just would not budge..until I used this! I also like to use it on the cuticles at night.

The Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream is available - HERE.

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