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Real Techniques 3 Pocket Expert Organizer

I love my makeup brush post as much as the next girl but I hate how much room they take up on my desk. I use my desk as my dressing table as I am limited on space and with a massive iMac on it already, I'm not left with much room which is where this handy accessory comes in! 
Real Techniques 3 Pocket Expert Organizer
Real Techniques 3 Pocket Expert Organizer
Real Techniques 3 Pocket Expert Organizer
Real Techniques has been one of my favourite brands for years when it comes to makeup brushes so I was so excited when I saw they were coming out with accessories. This is the 3 Pocket Expert Organizer in Pink, they also offer in Grey which I might have to pick up soon as I have so many brushes. This is unlike anything I have seen before and in all honesty, I didn't think it would actually work as well as it does and I have been so impressed with it. They also have single pocket versions in both colours if you have fewer makeup brushes/tools. 

This is next level makeup brush storage and it couldn't be any easier to set up and use. This is a silicone style three section brush and beauty tool storage. All you have to do is place onto a mirror and it will stick in place! You can also use it on glass, marble, flat shiny tiles and laminate without leaving behind any residue. It's recommended that you pop it onto your selected surface and wait 24 hours before placing in your items. I didn't actually realise that when I opened it but I haven't had any issues with it falling off! I have mine stuck on to a mirror and I love that it's completely reusable if I decide I want to move it. Make sure you press firmly onto the surface and remove any air bubbles before use. 

I have been keeping all of my everyday face brushes in mine and I love how it looks on my mirror as well as how practical it is! I used to have all of my brushes in one pot and it would always take me ages to find which brush I was looking for but with this, you can easily see them. I love how it takes up no space on my desk anymore! Inside a couple of the pockets are slots so you can separate your brushes if you want too. It would be great to keep your eye and lip brushes separate for example without having to use a different pocket. If it happens to get dirty from any excess makeup residue then you can gently hand wash it under warm water or even pop it into the dishwasher! Make sure to allow it to fully dry before reapplying to any surface. 

The Real Techniques 3 Pocket Expert Organizer retails for £17.99 at Superdrug - HERE

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