Tropic Vegan Hair Care

Finding good vegan and cruelty-free products can be quite difficult if you don't know where to look. Tropic has become one of my go-to brands as I know I can trust them, not only for good quality products but also because all of the products are vegan. They recently launched a hair care range and I was so excited about this launch because it can be hard to find good vegan hair care in my experience. 
Tropic Vegan Hair Care
The first product I have been trying out for a few weeks now is the Nourishing Hair Cleanser and it's completely different from anything I have tried before! This is a pH-balanced, detergent-free hair cleanser that has been developed for sensitive scalps and dry hair to gently cleanse and nourish. It contains macadamia oil, arginine and pro-vitamin B5 that will together help restore dry, brittle hair while shielding the hair from damaging effects of colouring, bleaching and will also prolong your colour. The pro-vitamin B5 helps nutrients reach the hair follicles and will promote shine and vitality. 

This is a non-foaming cream so it's not like a shampoo so it did take some getting used too. As I wash my hair every day it never gets that dirty where I need a deep clean so this is brilliant for my hair. I have been using it with the Scalp Massager and it makes such a big difference. It's gentle on the scalp but it really helps clean the roots with the Nourishing Hair Cleanser. My hair always feels as clean as be after each use and it has been so much softer and much shinier. I like to leave it on for a few minutes a couple of times before rinsing. 

If my hair is feeling extremely dry then I have been using the Hair Feast Deep Conditioning Treatment, I am obsessed with this! Just like the cleanser, this is pH-balanced. It contains murumuru butter and plant proteins to deeply hydrate the hair and strengthen. You can use this as a conditioner or you can leave it on for at least ten minutes for an intensive treatment, I love it both ways. This makes my hair feel so strong and healthy and keeps the mids to ends of my hair looking shiny. I love how smooth it makes my hair as well! 

You can find Tropic products - HERE


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