Top Tips for Improving Your Hair

I love my hair and I try to keep it in the best shape possible so I thought I would share some of the things I do to keep it hydrated, soft, smooth and in generally good condition. I wash my hair every day and almost always use heat styling tools but as I have found the right products for my hair, it has never affected it.
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As I do wash my hair every day, it can be damaging in itself so I like to use items that will help prevent any further damage. The Aquis Hair Turban has been a favourite of mine for well over a year now and I have noticed a big improvement in my hair since I started using it. It actually makes your hair dry so much quicker so you can cut down on the blow dry time and it's not at all damaging on the hair. These hair towels are a little pricey but I would have to say that they are worth the investment! I have always brushed my hair when its wet and I have noticed that since switching to The Wet Brush that it has been much more gentle on my hair and it doesn't damage the hair or pull at it as you brush through the tangles. As my hair is really long, it does tend to get very tangled and this brushes through them all with ease and with minimal damage. 

One thing that I am currently testing out currently for my hair is the New Nordic Hair Volume Gummies. These are meant to be amazing for your hair to make it grow along with many other benefits so I will be reporting back on these in a month to see if I have seen any changes to my hair. There are so many different vitamins you can take for all kinds of benefits so I'm excited to see if these do actually work as who doesn't want better hair? Finding the right range of hair care for your hair is also important. I have found that I can use any cheap shampoo but I need an intense conditioner and a hair oil to make sure that my hair doesn't end up feeling like straw. The range I am currently using is the Lee Stafford Cactus line and I am loving it, it's definitely something I will be repurchasing.

If you have been experiencing hair loss and are wanting to change that then Harley Street Hair Clinic might be able to help you! They offer the most modern FUE hair transplant techniques that can get your hair looking better and have you feeling better! Having a hair transplant is a lifelong investment and while it doesn't just change your hairline, it will also change your look and confidence. Harley Street Hair Clinic is a world leader in FUE transplants and if this is something you have been considering, they do offer free consultations with a specialist to see how they can help you. 


This post is sponsored. 


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