YSL Volupté Liquid Colour Balm Review

YSL is one of my favourite high-end brands, I hate that they aren't cruelty-free but this product seriously caught my attention. I was a huge fan of the YSL lip oils so when I spotted these liquid lip balms, I knew that I had to try them out!
YSL Volupté Liquid Colour Balm Review
YSL Volupté Liquid Colour Balm Review
YSL Volupté Liquid Colour Balm Review
Swatched: Night Rehab Mask (1) & Expose Me Rose (2) 

The YSL Volupte Colour Balms are said to be the next generation of lip gloss from the brand. These are highly pigmented, non-sticky and nourishing on the lips. There are 11 shades in the range as well as one that is said to be a Night Rehab Lip Mask but it's actually exactly the same as this formulation but just branded to be different. I ended up purchasing the night mask as I loved the look of it from the swatches I had seen online and the shade Expose Me Rose.

The packaging is absolutely stunning, as expected from YSL. The tubes are almost identical to the lip oils with the silver tubes with the pink YSL embossed detail just below the twist off cap. One thing I love and that it different than the lip oils when it comes to the packaging is that they have a little lip clear shaped section towards the bottom of the tube so you can see which shade it is. I love that as it makes it so much easier to find which shade you are looking for if you do own multiple. The wand is super soft and is shaped like a pout, it actually makes it easy to apply the product to the lips and I do really like it.

They are incredibly lightweight, they do feel like water on the lips and feel so hydrating from the second you apply them. The balm itself has a high water content and is enriched with natural coconut water and antioxidant Pomegranate extract so your lips will be left feeling soft to the touch and super hydrated with every use. My lips have been so soft and hydrated since I started using these and they have long-lasting hydration benefits too. They have a dewy effect on the lips and you can definitely build them up to look glossy if you prefer. I personally like to do one light coat on the lips but you can easily build them up to be much more opaque and bold.

Lip balms have always been my go-to lip product with glosses in a close second so this product is like all my dreams in one lip product. I love how hydrating they are but they do give that glossy effect without actually being a lip gloss, you never have to worry about your hair getting stuck to your lips in the wind! They last for a few hours on the lips before you need to reapply and I don't mind reapplying them every few hours because they smell delicious and it refreshes the dewy effect. Even when they do start to wear off they do leave a light tint behind on the lips.

The YSL Liquid Balms retail for £26 each - HERE.


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