Zoella Beauty Christmas Collection 2018

I am obsessed with this years collection from Zoella Beauty, thank you so much Hayley for letting me know that it was online! Go check her out - HERE. From, the packaging to the scent descriptions, this collection was almost made for me.
Zoella Beauty Christmas Collection 2018
Big Beauty Bang Bath & Body Cracker £12 - Includes a body wash, hand cream and body lotion. 

Milky Way Bath Milk Powder £5.50 - A moisturizing bath milk powder enriched with soothing vanilla and peppermint. 

Reach For The Moon Hand Cream £6 - A hydrating hand cream. 

Star Glazer Lip Balm Duo £7 - Shea-scented balm to nourish and a cranberry scented balm lightly to sparkle. 

Star Bather Gift Set £18 - Includes a bubble bath, body lotion, bath milk powder and exfoliating gloves. 

Four Lucky Stars Fragrance Mist Quad £16 - Comes with Snow'ella, Cosmos, Bake My Day and Blissful Mistful. 

Wish Upon A Spa Gift Collection £40 - Includes eight products, I think this might be a star gift based on the last years. 

Scents of Wonder Rollerballs Gift Set £9 - Includes Sweet Inspirations, Botanic' Eau and Gelat Eau. 

Moisturising Solid Bath Oil Melts £8 - A set of two nourishing and moisturising bath melts. 

Cosmos Body Mist £12 - A scent featuring crisp, uplifting notes of mint blended with delicious red fruits. 

Mini Supernova Bathing Collection £5.50 - Includes a mini body wash and body whip. 

I'm really excited about this years collection. The packaging is right up my street and I'm so excited about the vanilla and peppermint scent notes as they are my favourite scent notes for Winter! 

Will you be picking up anything from this range?



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