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Benecos Vegan Face Brushes Review

I love the Benecos brand and they aren't talked about enough! They recently launched a line of brushes that I fell in love with when I saw them online so I was so excited to try a few out for myself. I have been really impressed with the three that I have that I will definitely be purchasing a couple of the other ones soon.
Benecos Vegan Face Brushes Review
Benecos Vegan Face Brushes Review
Benecos Vegan Face Brushes Review
All of the Benecos brushes have gorgeous brightly coloured handles and this is what drew me to the brushes in the first place. They are different than many other brushes on the market and it's nice to add a little something fun to your makeup bag. One thing that I adore about this line of brushes is that they are vegan! Each of the brushes is under £12.95 so they aren't too expensive either. On each of the brush handles is the brand logo and the name of the brush and I love little touches like this.

The three brushes I have been testing out are all face brushes and I had been lacking face tools in my collection so they arrived at the perfect time. The three that I own are the Powder Brush (pink handle), Blush Brush (coral handle) and the Foundation Brush (yellow handle). All three of the brushes are very lightweight and easy to hold. One thing I wasn't expecting with these brushes is that the handles have a soft matte finish to them that I've found actually helps you not to drop them, I'm always dropping my makeup brushes!

I can honestly say that these three brushes are some of the softest ones I have ever tried and they have become staples in my makeup bag. The Powder Brush (£10.95) has replaced my old powder brush as it works fantastically well with loose and pressed powders. The bristles are slightly longer than what I have been used to but I actually find that this helps to blend and sweep away excess much easier. They also make it easier to apply powder around the nose and eyes. The Blush Brush (£9.95) is an angled brush that's the perfect size to apply and blend any of your favourite blush products. I really like that this is slightly smaller than what I have been used to as I can be much more precise with my application. I like to apply a very light amount of blush to the cheeks and this brush has been perfect for this. The final brush I have is the Foundation Brush (£9.95), I actually like to use this to apply foundation around the nose but it's also a great brush to use to apply face masks with as well. It's great to blend any mishaps too. 

The Benecos Makeup Brushes are available - HERE


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