Fudge Professional's Sea Salt Spray

I love hair care products but the one type of product that I haven't tried is a sea salt spray. I have always heard good things from those with wavy hair so I thought I would give it a try to see if it would help my hair hold it's natural light wave all day long. 
Fudge Professional's Sea Salt Spray
Fudge Professional's Sea Salt Spray
The Fudge Professional's Sea Salt Spray is said to be suitable for all types of hair including those with corse or colour treated hair and is recommended more of those with medium or long length hair. It's paraben-free as well as being cruelty-free and has a marine-rich complex that provides body and hold. It will provide all-day bodifying texture, especially for those like me who have flat hair. It will also condition and protect the hair and can be used on wet or dry hair. 

One thing I really love about this product is that is that it provides UV protection and will help combat the harsh environmental effects to leave the hair feeling soft to the touch. The Ocean Sea Salts and Marine Sea Crystals will leave the hair and scalp feeling healthy while giving the hair roughed up natural texture and thickness to create natural-looking waves. 

I have been using this on days when I let my hair dry naturally and it does a great job! It really helps to enhance and hold my hair's natural wave, unlike many other products I have tried before. Even though it does add texture to the hair, it doesn't leave it feeling uncomfortable or dirty which I like. I like to use this in the roots and lengths of my hair for best results. Usually, when I enhance my natural wave, it will drop out towards the afternoon but this helped my hair looking great and in place all day long! 

This product is available at Look Fantastic and Feel Unique. 


This post contains a press sample. 


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