Magnitone WipeOut! Cleansing Cloths

Every single day I use some type of cloth to remove my makeup and to cleanse my skin so I was excited to try out this product. I have tried a few different versions of this type of cloth previously but this one has quickly become a favourite.
Magnitone WipeOut! Cleansing Cloths
Magnitone WipeOut! Cleansing Cloths
Magnitone WipeOut! Cleansing Cloths
The Magnitone WipeOut! Cleansing Cloth come as a pack of two for £15. They're available in two colour options, pink and grey, and have been designed to be used alone with water to remove makeup. What's great about these is that they are long lasting, they are reuseable up to 1000 times when machine washed at 30 degrees, so not only will they save you money in the long run but they will also be saving the environment too.

These are by far the softest version of this type of product that I have tried! They are actually quite fluffy which feels lovely on the skin and I find that because of this, it actually removes makeup better than the other versions I have tried. Having washed them a few times, they still feel incredibly soft. They are suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin and can be used on the eyes, face and lips. I like to use these cloths with water alone to remove makeup as recommended but they also work fantastically with makeup removers too. As they have been designed with grab and hold microfibres that swell up when wet, as you wipe the cloths across the skin it picks up all traces of makeup without smearing it all over the skin.

When used alone with water, it does take a little more effort to remove your makeup, especially if like me you wear quite a bit of mascara. But on minimal makeup days, these are brilliant! You don't need to scrub or rub at the skin to remove makeup and my skin always feels so clean after use. As they are so soft, they are much more gentle on the skin than many muslin cloths or even traditional cotton pads. When I use one of the cloths with an oil-based cleanser, I can have my face completely free of makeup within seconds!

I usually pop these in a normal coloured wash at 30 degrees and it will remove any makeup residue and mascara stains that have been left on the cloth. If you're traveling and thinking of taking these with you, they dry super quick so you never have to worry about them soaking the contents of your washbag or luggage.

The Magnitone WipeOut! Cleansing Cloths are available - HERE.

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