My Favourite Autumn Candle Scents

I am so happy that the weather is started to get cooler because it means I can start burning candles again! These are the scents that I always look forward to burning and while a few are technically Christmas scents, they are much more like Autumn scents for me.
Autumn Candle Scents
The first is the newest addition to my candle stash and it's the ScentSationals Candy Cane Crush. I highly recommend this brand (you can find them at Asda, they're usually on a deal for 3 for £5) as they are some of the strongest wax melts I have ever used! This scent is straight up peppermint which is one of my favourite scent notes so I usually will burn this from September to March. It's a very fresh scent and it lingers all day throughout the house. I might try mixing it with a cube of vanilla to try and make it a little sweeter. 

Yankee Candle has been one of my favourite candle brands for years, the first candle I bought was from Yankee. Fireside Treats has been a must-have in my house ever since I started buying candles. This scent is starting to get a little bit more difficult to get ahold of but I always get my wax melts from eBay. It also has notes of vanilla, cedarwood and firewood to give it that campfire feel. My other favourite from the company is Berry Trifle which came out a few years ago at Christmas. This has notes of fresh berries and soft vanilla cream, I love fruity scents but as this is paired with some sweeter notes it's perfect for this time of year. I have lost count of many wax melts of this scent I have gone through! 

Bath and Body Works make some of the best candles I have ever tried. Hot Cocoa & Cream is absolutely delicious and if you love sweet scents, you will be obsessed with this. It smells exactly like hot chocolate and there isn't an artificial note about it. I have gone through a few of the three wicks and I have a stash of wax melts too! My other favourite is Vanilla Bean Marshmallow, it is similar to Fireside Treats but when you compare them but this one is much sweeter. It has notes of sweet vanilla bean, lush marshmallow and warm milk so you can imagine how delicious this one smells! 

What are your favourite Autumn scents? If you couldn't already tell, I love anything sweet without anything spicy in sight! 



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