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Nails Inc Girl King Nail Polish Duo Review (+ Swatches)

Nails inc has become my favourite nail polish brand this year and the duos are always my favourite thing to buy. They're good value for money and they are launching three new ones in the next few months that I can't wait to get my hands on!
Nails Inc Girl King Nail Polish Duo Review (+ Swatches)
Nails Inc Girl King Nail Polish Duo Review (+ Swatches)
Nails Inc Girl King Nail Polish Duo Review (+ Swatches)
This is the Girl King Duo from Nails Inc retails for £15 and Nails Inc have joined forces with The Malala Fund to donate 5% of sales to the fund to contribute to the girl kingdom. When I first saw this duo online, it didn't appeal to me as much as the others have but of course, I ended up ordering it anyway! When it arrived, I fell in love with the polishes as they look much better than they do online. These polishes are full-sizes and would usually retail for £11 each so it's a great deal.

The two shades included in this duo are Fearless Female (a cream khaki) and Bosses Be Like (a foil pink). Both of the shades look gorgeous alone or used together with one used as an accent nail. They're vegan and cruelty-free with long-wearing, fast drying formula. These polishes have different caps than any of the other nail polish duos, they now have white plastic caps and it looks as if all duos going forward will have these caps as well. I love both of the shades that are included, Fearless Female is going to be a well-used shade throughout Autumn and Bosses Be Like is unlike anything I have in my collection. I love foiled nail polishes so this pink was the perfect addition to my stash.

These are some of the best nail polishes I have ever used in that they are the most long-lasting and only ever need two thin coats. Most nail polishes will chip within a day or two on my nails but these polishes usually last for around a week, even without base and top coat! The brushes are the perfect width to coat the nails in one quick coat and they do dry much quicker than many nail polishes at similar price points. If you've been wanting to try Nails Inc nail polishes then I would definitely recommend checking out the duos as you get so much more for your money and you can often find a discount code for many of the stockists.

The Nails Inc Girl King Duo retails for £15 - HERE.


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