Scünci Hair Product Favourites

I have seen a few posts on Scünci recently and their products were raved about so I was so excited to try them out for myself. My hair is very long and I'm always on the hunt for new hair products that will actually be able to hold my hair in place and I think I have finally found them.
Scünci Hair Product Favourites
Scünci Hair Product Favourites
I haven't been able to use traditional, normal type hair brands in the longest time as they would always give me a headache and my hair would constantly fall out throughout the day. The Silicone Elastics (£3.29) are incredible! You get 20 in the pack, ten of the clear and ten of the black, and I can't express just how good these are. I have quite thick hair and these will hold my hair in a high ponytail all day long without moving a millimetre! They are extremely comfortable in my hair and are so lightweight. 

Hair clips have been something I have never been able to use as they would always slide out of my hair but the No-Slip Grip Clips (£4.99) are another favourite of mine. You get eight of these in a pack in a mixture of black and brown colours and they have smaller teeth on the inside to help keep your hair in place all day long. These are recommended for those with normal to fine hair but my hair is on the thicker side and they work well for my hair! They're really comfortable and I don't ever have to worry about my hair coming out of place with these. 

The Style Me Detangle Hair Brush is such a great handbag size and I love the hot pink colour of it. It has slightly longer flexible bristles that make brushing through the knots a lot easier and less painful! It works well on wet and dry hair and I'll be keeping this in my handbag from now on. The Style Me Fishtail Braider is such a cool and handy product to have! It's a tool that helps you do a fishtail braid and it honestly makes it so much easier to do them once you get the hang of it. It also comes with some accessories to complete the look. 


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