Tesco Christmas Deals 2018 (AD)

There are only 11 more Mondays until Christmas, and if that doesn’t scare you into panic buying everything then I don’t know what will. With Aldi releasing their foot long pig in blankets, Tesco has hit back hard with the release of their foot long pigs in duvets. But what else does the brand have to offer in the build-up to Christmas?
Although many Tesco food deals will arrive at the end of November/beginning of December, some have already started cropping up on the Tesco website and in store. Below are some of the first Christmas deals to crop up on the Tesco website which are available to order now. For information on the last Christmas delivery dates, see the bottom of this post.

Not only are these available online with Tesco, but many of the larger Tesco stores have already started showcasing their Christmas aisles, complete with deals. Although many focus on Christmas treats (chocolate, advent calendars etc) some will soon be featuring Christmas dinner staples.

Tesco Gift Ideas 2018

Along with the treats available both in-store and online, Tesco have brought out their own gift set ranges set to rival Boots and other stores that offer gift set deals. You can see the full list of deals on the Tesco website, however, some of the biggest deals can be found below:

Tesco Christmas Delivery 2018

Looking to avoid the Christmas rush? You can soon start booking your Christmas delivery slots. To see when you can start booking your Christmas order, check the Tesco website for delivery information.

Seen something in a Tesco store that you can’t find online? Make sure you contact Tesco and check when your store is restocking the item you’re looking for!

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel

This is a paid advertisement. 


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