Time Bomb Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel & Reveal

I've tried a few products from Time Bomb and loved them so I was so excited to try out this kit. This includes two products that are suitable for all skin types and I have nothing to say but good things! If you've been on the hunt for products to have your skin looking fresh and luminous, look no further. 
Time Bomb Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel & Reveal
Time Bomb Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel & Reveal
The Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel & Reveal duo retails for £42 and will have your skin looking fabulous by the weekend! This set is a once a week, two-step system that will have your skin perfected in no time. This is an at home peel system that brings together two high-performance skin-resurfacing formulas, harnessing the optimal benefit of both a chemical peel and a mechanical dermabrasion in one easy step. 

The first step in this system is the Peel AHA Serum (the chemical exfoliation step). This is to be applied to the skin as part of your evening skincare routine. It has been formulated with a highly effective blend of glycolic, lactic, citric and malic acids. They work together to gently work it's magic throughout the night to dissolve the top layer of dry, dead and dull skin cells that are on the surface of your skin that will make it appear uneven, lined and a little drab. 

The second step in the system is the Reveal Dermabrasion Cream (the mechanical exfoliation step). This is to be used in the morning to buff away the loosened layer with this professional-calibre microdermabrasion polish. It's been formulated with dermatological-grade alumina oxide fine-edged microcrystals that will lift up and mechanically exfoliate the clinging surface debris and dead cells that had been loosened overnight by the previous product. 

I have used this a couple of times now and I have been really impressed with it! It's made my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth and it looks so much brighter. I have acne prone skin and I have found this to work well for me as I have a little bit of a bumpy texture in some areas and I have seen such an improvement! My skin looks so much healthier and my skin looks as if I have spent the day at the spa. 

The Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel & Reveal is available - HERE


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


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