Elegant Touch Mystic Wonder Nails

You already know by now how much of a big fan I am of Elegant Touch! I can't get enough of their nails and this new collection is completely my style. If you're looking for some new nails for any holiday parties or events that you have coming up, look no further!
Elegant Touch Mystic Wonder Nails
Elegant Touch Mystic Wonder Nails
The Elegant Touch Mystic Wonder collection includes four different nail sets to choose from and I have two to share today. This is the perfect collection to transition your nails from Autumn and Halloween to Winter and the party season. Each of these sets of nails comes with 24 nails, in 10 different sizes with nail glue so you're ready to apply straight away. I rave about the nail glue every single time I talk about Elegant Touch because it really is the best nail glue I have ever tried! There are a few different nail shapes in this collection but they are all incredibly flattering.

The Moon Swoon Nails are oval shaded nails is a slightly darker lilac shade with accent nails with a line of gems across the middle of the nail. One thing I love about Elegant Touch including accent nails in the box is that you can customise your nails and make them a little bit different. The Gimme Space nails are stiletto shaped and I think they might be my favourite out of the two. These are gorgeous teal blue nails with glitter accent nails, I love that the glitter has been put on the nails in different spaces as they don't look as uniformed once applied.

These nails are extremely comfortable to wear and my nails never feel like they are suffocating when I have them on, this has been an issue for me with other nail brands. They are so quick and easy to apply and I always find the right sizes for my nail size and shape. The glue included always keeps my nails on for close to two weeks and you just can't beat that! I always get compliments on my nails when I use Elegant Touch and everyone always think's I've had them done in a salon! They are so much more affordable than salon nails with better results every time. The other two styles in this collection are Ex Files and Supa Fly. Boots often has an offer on so you can sometimes get them on a 3 for 2 deal!

The Elegant Touch Mystic Wonder collection is available - HERE.


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