My Cosy Night In Must Haves

As the nights draw darker earlier, I love to get cosy and have a bit of a pamper at least once a week. It's really important to do self-care every once in a while and these are some of my favourite products to use. 
My Cosy Night In Must Haves
My Cosy Night In Must Haves
I love having a bath in the Winter, I'm always freezing cold and it's sometimes the only way I can warm up. I love to use bath bombs but Lush has got far too expensive for me lately so I only use them when I really want to treat myself. My favourite is the Intergalactic Bath Bomb as it turns the water a gorgeous shade of blue and smells amazing! I always try and say off my phone when I'm in the bath and  I will read a book or watch something on my laptop, usually a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory. The book I have been reading recently is Moonlight over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan. I have already read this but I loved it so much that I've picked it up again - she really is the queen of Christmas! 

I can't get enough of candles and home fragrance during the colder months, I never use candles in the summertime for some reason! The scent I have been burning recently is Candy Cane Forest from Yankee Candle. I always use the wax melts as they are so affordable and you can switch out your scent as often as you'd like. This one smells like sweet peppermint and I have gone through so many of these wax melts that I have lost count. 

A cup of tea is a winter essential and I make the best cups of tea. If I'm feeling a little too sleepy when I'll have a cup of coffee with some Vanilla syrup in. I always like to paint my nails when I have a pamper as it isn't something I always have time to do during the week. The shade I have been using a lot recently is The Mane Attraction from the Nails Inc Dirty Unicorns collection. This is such a stunning deep blue with flecks in. And finally, a dressing gown is a must-have, I'm always wearing one when I'm at home. I recently got one from Hunkemöller that's super soft and cosy. It has the cutest ears on it and I love that it has good sized pockets so I can keep my phone in it. It's honestly the softest thing I have ever owned. 

What are your cosy night in essentials?


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