Profusion Mixed Metals Rose Gold Eye Gift Set

I have been loving Profusion recently and this gift set is no different. This is a great affordable and cruelty-free brand that you can find it Boots and this gift set is apart of the mix and match 3 for 2 offer so why not treat yourself while doing your Christmas shopping!
Profusion Mixed Metals Rose Gold Eye Gift Set
Profusion Mixed Metals Rose Gold Eye Gift Set
Profusion Mixed Metals Rose Gold Eye Gift Set
The Profusion Mixed Metals Rose Gold Eye Set retails for £10 and included four products. I was really excited to try this out as soon as I saw that there were liquid eyeshadows inside as they have been one of my favourite products to try out this year. If this colour option isn't for you then they do have another option available as well as some great eyeshadow palettes that I highly recommend! Included in this kit are two liquid eyeshadows, a metallic eye pigment as well as a liquid liner, you can create a full eye look with this and all you would need extra is some mascara!

The liquid eyeshadows are exactly the kind of formula that I like, packed full of shimmer and reflective on the eyes but don't leave the skin feeling greasy. These are a slightly more intense version of the Glossier Lidstars if you've tried those. These are extremely long-wearing and doesn't budge throughout the day. Both of the shades are warm toned which I love as I find these to be the most flattering on my skin tone. I love products like these to use during the working week as they are so quick and easy to apply! I like to use a fluffy brush to blend them across my lid or I just use my finger. They work well alone or with some matte shadow in the crease.

I honestly wasn't expecting the liquid liner in this kit to be as good as it is but it is so impressive! It's one of the boldest and deepest black eyeliners I have ever tried. It has a felt tip applicator with a fine point that makes it easy to achieve the perfect wing. It is a little watery compared to what I have been used to but I don't find it to be too much of an issue if I'm honest. It doesn't fade or run throughout the day and works great on bare lids or with eyeshadow looks previously applied.

The metallic eye pigment in this kit has become a must-have in my makeup bag and I love how many uses this product has! This is a shimmery loose powder, white gold shadow that is stunning in the inner corners. I have never used a product like this before but I don't feel complete with my makeup until I have added some of this to my inner corners now. It's very brightening on the eyes which I adore. It's lovely on the lids and I have been using it as a highlighter on the cupids bow and nose too.

The Profusion Mixed Metals Rose Gold Gift Set is available - HERE.
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