Why Everybody Needs The Happy Planner

I've been using The Happy Planner products since June and I love it. There aren't many companies that I get so excited about new releases anymore that I have to buy the product instantly but with The Happy Planner, that is always the case. 
The Happy Planner
The Happy Planner is a planner and sticker company. For years I have wanted a planner but they have always been out of my price range until I stumbled across this company. Since I got my first planner back in June, I have bought thousands and thousands of stickers and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. The Happy Planner is a life planner that I have been using to organise my day to day and monthly to do's and events. I've always been an organised person and I love to-do lists and making sure I write things down so it's great to have all those things in one place. 

The planners themselves are available in three different sizes, Mini, Classic and Big and I have been using the Big and Classic sizes but I do find myself using the Classic the most. It's a really great size for me as my life isn't too busy but when it is, I still have enough room to write everything down. There are a few different designs and layouts available, I like to use the vertical spreads as my brain works better that way. The planner I'm using currently has a monthly spread for each month and weekly spreads with three boxes for each day. 

The sticker books are why I love this company so much as I love to be creative with my spreads. From box stickers to checklists and everything in between, The Happy Planner has a sticker for you! The stickers from the company are great as not only are they decorative but they are also very functional. I have eight value sticker packs and a bunch of the sticker pads but my favourite sticker books are the orange seasonal, squad goals and the planner basics. You don't need any stickers to use a happy planner but they are so much fun! I love planning my spreads every week and it's so relaxing for me to do so I look forward to it every week. 

I use my weekly pages to keep track of errands and tasks that I need to do like changing the bedding, when the food shop is coming and when I need to clean out my rabbit hutches and go to the post office. I use my monthly pages to organise any events that I have coming up as well as dates that bills need to be paid by, the stickers from the planner basics sticker book are great for this. I also use my monthly spread to write down anything on TV or Netflix that I want to watch. I love using my planner to basically brain dump everything that I need to remember, I was writing down everything in my notes section on my phone but I much prefer using my planner now. 

I've already got my planner ready for 2019, I ordered from The Organised Hedgehog on Etsy and I can't recommend this shop enough! Everything is well priced and the owner is absolutely lovely. The sticker books can be a little expensive at around £20 in the UK so I get mine from eBay a lot of the time. There's a seller based in Canada that even with shipping, the sticker books usually work out at about half the price! 



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