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Flawless Lashes by Loreta

I had never heard of this brand before trying out these products but I have become quite the fan! They have quite a few different products available and I have been testing out some of the strip lashes as well as two lovely eyeliners. I love false lashes for this time of year.
Flawless Lashes by Loreta
Flawless Lashes by Loreta
Flawless Lashes by Loreta
Flawless Lashes by Loreta
The first style of lashes I have are the 019 lashes. These are the more natural pair out of the two and I do like these for wearing during the day. I love how long these lashes are as I'm obsessed with super long lashes! The second style are the 516 lashes. These are incredibly bold and intense, full and dramatic. These are the kind of lashes that are going to make a statement. 

The lashes are priced at £12.95 each and I can't believe that price as they are such high quality! They are definitely some of the best quality lashes I have ever tried and I have been wearing these a tonne and they still have so much wear left in them. They come in gorgeous boxes that are perfect to store them in when after you have worn them. They're comfortable to wear too and both styles have a black lash band. 

They also have a few makeup products too including eyeliners which are perfect to go with the lashes! The Flawless Eyeliner is available in a few different shades and I have the Black and Brown colours to talk about today. These liners retail for £14.95 each and come in gorgeous silver packaging. These liners have a precise fibre tip that makes application so quick and easy!

Both of the liners are extremely pigmented and have long-lasting formulas. I am so fussy when it comes to liners but I have been really enjoying the black one as it stays put all day long and doesn't bleed when you apply it. 

You can find all of these products and more - HERE


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