Three New Favourites From Got2b

Got2b has been a favourite brand of mine since before I had even started my blog almost six years ago, their hair oil is incredible! But I hadn't tried these three products until recently and I have fallen in love with them. If you have been looking for some new hair products to try, you need to try Got2b!
The first of the three is the Oh My Nude Oh So Natural Flexible Hairspray (£4.19). I have got to admit, I usually hate hairspray but I really like this one! I love that it's flexible as it doesn't leave the hair feeling crunchy and it leaves it feeling soft which I'm obsessed with. It has long-lasting results and it smells incredible! I have been using this pretty much every day (which is so unlike me) to tame any flyaways. 

The Oh My Nude Air Does It Air Dry Foam Spray (£4.19) is unlike anything I have tried before. This is to be used on damp hair to leave your hair frizz-free, smooth with a light and airy hold without the need of any heat style tools. You use this product when you leave your hair to dry naturally and I'm obsessed with it! My hair tends to be a little frizzy if I leave it to dry naturally but this product is a game changer! I have been blow drying my hair so much less since I got this product as it leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth. 

The final product I have been trying out recently is the Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray (£4.19). This is a salt-infused product that will leave your hair full of texture with a tousled beach look - full on mermaid vibes with this one! This is great for days when I don't want my hair to be poker straight and to give it some great texture through the mids to ends. My hair is pretty long and it can look a little weighed down sometimes and this product is perfect to add some life back to my hair! 


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