New Tropic Eye Creams

Over the past year, I have really noticed my skin change, oh the joys of the early signs of ageing, so I need all the help I can get! You already know by now how much I love Tropic so I was excited to try out the two new eye products and I'm obsessed with them. 
New Tropic Eye Creams
New Tropic Eye Creams
The Eye Work Rejuvenating Serum (£28) can be used whenever you need an instant pick me up but I like to use this before I apply my makeup in the morning. This has a bespoke ceramic tip and the serum itself will help lighten age-related pigmentation issues, combat dark circles while reducing puffiness. It contains Vitamin C, coffee cherry extract and hibiscus peptides. The tip applicator is one of the main reasons why I'm so obsessed with it, it's so cooling on the skin and it's perfect to help your eyes wake up in the morning. It's extremely lightweight and I find that my makeup applies much smoother when I use this beforehand. My under eyes have less puffy when I use this and they definitely look brighter too.  

The Eye Dream Age-Defying Overnight Butterbalm (£38) has been my daily eye product in my evening skincare routine since before Christmas. My under eye area has been one of the skin issues I have been really targeting as it needs the most help besides my acne. This is a super smooth and rich balm that's packed with a potent blend of vitamin-rich extracts and will help to plump the skin and reduce signs of ageing while you get your beauty sleep. It will also be rejuvenating and has elasticity boosting properties. It contains Bio-Retinol, Plant Ceraminds and Shea Nilotica Butter to have your under eyes looking well rested in no time. 

You only need the tiniest amount of this and as it is a balmy texture, it applies better if you slightly warm it with your fingers beforehand. It applies easily to the skin and doesn't tug or feel heavy which I like. It has a blue tint to it which is cool and I have noticed really good results since I started using this. Not only is my undereye area much more hydrated and it's very comforting on the skin. 

By using the combination of the two products on a daily basis, my under eye area has never looked better! And as always, these products are cruelty-free and vegan. You can find them - HERE


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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