Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019 - For Her

- post contains gifted items - 

Whether you are trying to find the perfect thing to gift this Valentine's Day or you use Valentine's Day like I do and it's 'treat yourself day', I have you covered. I thought I would share a few things that I adore and think would make great gifts, Valentine's Day or not. If you're struggling for gift ideas for men, you can check that gift guide out - here
Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019 - For Her
Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019 - For Her
Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019 - For Her
Flowers are a Valentine's Day must have. And I love Prestige Flowers, you might have seen a few reviews towards the end of last year and I can't recommend them enough. The Valentine's 12 Red Roses (£34.99) is a stunning pick and you get free 48g Handmade British Truffles with them that are absolutely delicious! You can make updates to the bouquet and you can add additional gifts to the flowers as well. Prestige Flowers offer UK next day delivery and you can select your delivery date if you prefer. 

When it comes to jewellery, I'm pretty simple but Pandora is my weakness. I have a few different charm bracelets but I'm obsessed with the rings from the brand. I have four rings that I wear on a daily basis and with three of them, I created a custom stack. I've always worn tonnes of rings, as a teenager I was like Phoebe from Friends with one on almost every finger. On the bottom, I have the Chain of Hearts (I don't think they sell this specific one anymore), with the Openwork Linked Love Ring in the middle with the Princess Tiara Ring on the top. 

The only other piece of jewellery I like to wear is a watch and just like in my 'mens' gift guide, I have to talk about the Apple Watch again! This has become one of my favourite pieces of tech and I have got so much more use out of it than I thought. Another tech-related item I'm obsessed with is my Kindle. Mine is about eight years old now and it still works as well as it did when I first got it. If you know someone who loves to read, an eReader would be a great gift! I have read 20+ book so far this year and almost all of them were on my Kindle. 

Perfume is something that I always love to gift (and receive). Perfume can be extremely pricey which is why I love Scentaddict. You can read my full review on the service here but I think a gifted subscription would be such a great gift as it goes on past Valentine's Day. The site has so many scents to choose from and you can use between 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions to gift. 

A few smaller gift ideas that are more affordable that you could pair them together to put together a little gift box would be DW Home Candles, sheet masks, her favourite chocolates and some cute accessories. I love the DW Home candles and I can't believe they are only £2.99 each! 



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