Glossier Milky Oil Review

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Whenever Glossier releases a new product, I have to have it. It felt like forever since Glossier came out with something new and within minutes of the Milky Oil being on the website, I had already checked out! I adore the skincare from Glossier and this product has already become apart of my skincare routine.
Glossier Milky Oil Review
The Glossier Milky Oil (£10) is a waterproof and long-wearing makeup remover. I haven't tried any specific eye makeup removers in well over a year as I usually use a cleansing balm that can remove all traces of my makeup within seconds. While this is mainly to remove eye makeup, you can also use it on the lips and anywhere that you have used waterproof makeup. This product is hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive eyes and lips while being free from gluten and Vegan and Cruelty-free.

Like with Milky Jelly Cleanser, it contains a few ingredients that are very gentle on the skin. It contains comfrey root extract and pro-vitamin B5 to condition and soothe the skin and will leave it feeling soft after use without any greasiness or stickiness. The comfrey root extract contains allantoin that will heal dry and stressed skin, the pro-vitamin B5 is a powerful and natural moisturiser that is often found in mushrooms and avocados. It also contains micellar water to attract dirt, oil and makeup like a magnet, making it easy to remove. Milky Oil and Milky Jelly have been created to compliment each other and I do like using them together to ensure that my skin is fresh and clean. 

This is simple and easy to use, all you need to do is shake well before use and pour some onto a cotton pad before applying to the skin. I have found it best to lightly hold the cotton pad onto the lashes/eye area for a few seconds before sweeping it away to ensure the best results. It removes eye makeup with ease and I love that it isn't at all greasy on the skin considering it's an oil. It can remove all of my eye makeup with just two cotton pads when usually it would take a lot more effort if I had used a micellar water or other type of cleanser. It's extremely gentle on the skin but it isn't something I would use all over my face as the bottle isn't huge and you would run out extremely quickly. If you wear liquid lipsticks, this would be a great remover for those too!

If you have been looking for a gentle eye makeup remover that's extremely effective. I would definitely say to give this a try! If you want 10% off your first order with Glossier, you can use this link



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