How I Read 40 Books in Two Months

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I've always loved reading but within the last year or so, it has taken over. Last year I read 70 books in total and I was really happy with that but within two months of 2019, I have already read 40 books which is insane. I've tweeted a few times about how many books I've read so far this year and I had a few people ask how I've managed to read so many so I thought I'd share more about it. If you want to read more books, you just make the time to need a chapter or two.
How I Read 40 Books in Two Months
Social media scrolling on my iPhone is the biggest productivity killer that there is and it's always something I am trying to cut down on. The Screen time feature on iPhone's has made a massive difference because I hate seeing how much time I'm spending on my phone. I have massively cut down on the time I spent on my phone, it goes down every week now and I use the time I would spend scrolling, reading an actual book. I deleted a few social media apps off my phone and I don't even miss them now. 

I used to watch so much YouTube and Netflix it was kind of ridiculous and I just pick up a book instead now. The only YouTubers I really watch are Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles and I used to watch Friends again and again. It's amazing what you can do when you put your phone down. I use the Screen time function on my phone to lock all of my apps at 9pm so instead of being tempted to scroll through Instagram, I pick up a book instead. 

Productivity apps are so handy, not just for trying to read more. I use one called 'Miracle Timer' for whenever I need to get stuff done without getting distracted and I can't recommend it enough. If you're wanting to read for just 15 minutes a day, this app is great to use to make sure you actually do it. It may sound silly but prioritising reading does actually make a difference. It takes 28 days for a habit to become routine and I feel weird now if I haven't read a least a few chapters a day. 

Books are so expensive and I wouldn't be able to read as much as I have without Kindle Unlimited and once mine expires, I know my reading will slow down. All but 5 or 6 books I have read so far this year have been through Kindle Unlimted and I honestly can't recommend it enough. For £7.99 a month you have access to thousands of titles that you basically rent on your Kindle app or device. You can have ten books out at a time and I love bulk downloading books so I never have to worry about what I'm going to read next. If you want a free 30-day trial, you can join using this link*. You can cancel before the 30 days without having to pay a single penny! 

World of Books is a website that I'm obsessed with when I want a physical book! They have free UK delivery and I don't think I have paid more than £3 for a book, they are all used but they have rated the condition for each book on the site so you know what you're paying for. I recently got Inside Vogue and Hillary Clinton's for £2.80 each. I also add all of the books I want to read on my Kindle to an Amazon wishlist and check on the prices daily and so many books I've had on my wishlist have massively dropped in price or randomly gone free. Reading doesn't have to be expensive! 

I love completing to-do lists and challenges so the Good Reads reading challenge is perfect for me. You can set the yearly goal to whatever you want to and you can track your reads on there and it will tell you if you are behind or ahead of reading your goal. My reading goal for 2019 is 50 books but I'm currently 31 books ahead of schedule. Making time to read is all you really need to do and cut out things that don't spark joy as Marie Kondo would say. I also have a competition going with my cousin and I will not let her beat me so it keeps me reading on.

And if actually sitting down and reading doesn't work for you, there is also audiobooks! 



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