Soap and Glory Hair Care

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I am Soap & Glory's best fan. I get so excited whenever they launch something new and when the hair care range was released, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. For my birthday a few weeks ago, my Mum got me all four of the products that I was planning on purchasing and I can't get enough of them.
Soap and Glory Hair Care
Soap and Glory Hair Care
Soap and Glory Hair Care
The Get A Smooth On Shampoo & Conditioner (£7 each) are two products that I wasn't expecting to see such big results from. I have used shampoo and conditioner that costs less than a pound a bottle as well as from high-end brands and I haven't often seen a massive difference. But these two products have completely transformed my hair and I can't get enough of them. I switched back to what I was using previously after a week of use and I hated how my hair felt on those days! These two products are for dull and frizzy hair types while being free from sulphates and parabens and friendly for colour treated hair.

These two products are enriched with marula oil and shea butter to leave your hair feeling silky, noticeable smoother and easy to manage while leaving your hair smelling phenomenal. They're ideal for daily use and the conditioner is best to be left on the hair for a few minutes before rinsing. I'm obsessed with this duo and without a doubt, I will be repurchasing. Both of these products make my hair softer than ever before and super smooth. I have a lot of flyaway hairs and my hair always looks much sleekier when I use these in my morning routine.

I have always been a huge fan of hair oil and I had been using for the same one for years now but the Split Happens (£7.50) is a new must have! This hair oil is suitable for all hair types and is enriched with marula and moringa seed oil and features the Original Pink fragrance. Depending on how thick and long your hair is will depend on how much product you use, for my hair I find 2-3 pumps to be more than enough. This isn't just a hair oil that will hydrate the hair, it will also help improve the appearance of split ends and it also will help protect against heat damage! I have been using this on damp hair before blow drying and I love the results. It's extremely hydrating but it isn't at all heavy which I love. It makes my hair look shinier and my split ends do look much smoother when I use this.

The final product I have from the range is the Wonditioner (£9). It's an intensive hair mask that's suitable for all hair types that are in need of a bit of TLC. It features the Original Pink fragrance and will help nourish and revive hair to leave it looking healthy. It's been enriched with mineral-rich pink clay, shea and cocoa butter as well as argan oil. This is a quick hair mask to use as it only needs to be left on for 3-5 minutes once a week in place of your conditioner. I do like this hair mask but I don't notice it to make as big as a difference as the other products do. It makes my hair feel deeply conditioned and leaves it looking glossy.

All of the Soap and Glory hair products are cruelty-free and Vegan. They're available exclusively at Boots.



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