CYO Illuminating Mixing Cream Review

I have been hearing a lot of great things about the CYO brand so I was excited to finally try something out for myself! This isn't a product I would usually be interested in but it came in a beauty box, I tried it out and the rest is history!
CYO Illuminating Mixing Cream Review
The CYO Illuminating Mixing Cream (£6) is available in two shades and I have been using Raise a Glass. It's a 3-in-1 product that can you use alone or mix with other products for a pick me up, I personally prefer to use it mixed with other products, mainly with my foundations. This cream is a skin pick me up, it will brighten, highlight and make the skin look much more awake while moisturising. This is essentially an instant skin fix after a few too many late nights! 

This is extremely glowy and illuminating on the skin but I don't find it to be glittery even though it does have some shimmer in it. Pretty much all of my base products have matte finishes so something like this is great to mix into them to make them a little more radiant while still achieving those long-wearing benefits from my base products that I love. I haven't used many products like this in all my years of being into beauty and now I love it, I can't believe I waited so long. 

When I mix this into my foundations, it adds a subtle glow to the skin that I can get on board with. I have never been into that intense glowy base look, I usually just go mad with highlighter on the cheekbones but this makes my skin look so much healthier. It doesn't interfere with how my makeup applies or wears throughout the day and it's become a must-have for when my skin is looking a little dull and tired. You can also mix it in with your moisturiser which will be great for no makeup days. 

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