Dr Eve_Ryouth 24K Gold + Antioxidant Hydrating Eye Treatment Pads

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Under eye masks are one of my favourite products to try, especially now that I am starting to see the first signs of ageing. Dr Eve_Ryouth is a brand that I had never heard of before but I have become quite the fan of these under eye treatments and I'm looking forward to trying out other products in the future.
Dr Eve_Ryouth 24K Gold + Antioxidant Hydrating Eye Treatment Pads
Dr Eve_Ryouth 24K Gold + Antioxidant Hydrating Eye Treatment Pads
These 24K Gold + Antioxidant Hydrating Eye Treatment Pads (£35) have been specially formulated for tired looking skin for the under eye area. They contain a potent mix of vitamins and antioxidants from natural sources and 24K gold that is known for having benefits for the skin. If you have tired, puffy or dehydrated under eyes, these are for you! They contain Provitamin B5, Arctic Root Extract and Sugar Fungus to have your under eyes looking better than ever. 

Inside the box, you get five sets of individually wrapped under eye masks. The masks themselves are a bright yellow gold and stick onto the skin easily. I like that you get five sets as that's more than enough uses to tell if you really like the product or not. When I use a face mask or under eye mask, I always like to leave them on for at least 20 minutes for best results which is how I used these. 

I have tried quite a few different under eye masks in the last couple of years and I do see results from using these each time. They make my under eyes look a lot less puffy and I adore the instant cooling effect these have on the skin. They are hydrating and soothing on the skin and leave the skin looking a little brighter too. These would be perfect to use in the run-up to an event to make sure your under eyes are looking their best! 



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