Spring Home Renovations

- this post contains an AD -

With the warmer weather looking like it will be sticking around, it has me wanting to redecorate organise my whole house. I thought I could share a few ideas to update your home this Spring. I love switching things up and it doesn't always have to be expensive but some things are worth the investment! 
During Spring and Summer, I prefer light colours and making sure the rooms in my home are as bright as possible. Something I love to switch up throughout the house around this time of year is the accessories and accents. From photo frames and light fixtures to cushions, it makes a massive difference! I also love to have many more plants throughout the house during the warmer months, you know you're officially an adult when you get excited about buying plants! 

Making sure that you have good windows is so important and will save you money in the long run! Toughened glass are something I have been looking into recently and Tuffx Glass provide bespoke glass installations for commercial and domestic properties. These windows are five times stronger than non-toughened windows and due to the increased strength, worldwide builders and architects can do so much more with the glass to allow more natural light into your home. Even though the design will be improved, it will still maintain safety. This type of window is available in six different thicknesses. 

An affordable and quick home renovation is slightly changing any surfaces you have, whether it be a desk, dressing table or a kitchen surface. I have always loved the classic look of marble but marble is way out of my budget which is where self-adhesive vinyl comes in! You can apply it to almost any surface and give it a marble effect. It's easy to apply and it only costs around £4 a roll on Amazon. I have just transformed my desk and I love how it turned out. 



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