Furthering Your Education as an Adult

My new year's resolution for the last couple of years has been to learn more. While I got good grades at school, I didn't seem to retain much of the information from those years and a lot of what I learnt wasn't all that useful, who really needs algebra! So I have been finding as many resources as I can to learn new things and I'm excited to share a few with you today. 

Learning a new language has always interested me. When I was at school I loved my Spanish classes and I could have full conversations. But I'm a bit rusty these days so I have been wanting to take lessons again. languagetrainers.co.uk specialises in one-to-one and small group language training for everyone from business people to those who are travelling and might need to learn a new language as well as for family needs. They offer in-person lessons as well as over Skype and what I really like about this company is that they travel to you for the lessons so you can maximise your free time. Some of the languages you can learn with Language Trainers are Japanese, Greek, Italian and Swedish.

There are so many options when wanting to learn a new language. Duolingo is a resource I see talked about a lot online. They allow you to learn a new language via an app in bite-sized chunks. This option is treated more like a game than actual lessons with streak counts and lives. You lose lives when you answer incorrectly and when you run out of hearts, you have to start that stage again.

For the last month or so, I have been taking courses on Future Learn. I had no idea this website existed until recently and I have been raving about it ever since. They offer free online short courses and I have been talking two on migration recently and will be starting Start Writing Fiction in September. They offer so many different courses in a range of categories that you are bound to find something for you. You can pay to upgrade your courses but I haven't paid anything yet and I have been really enjoying it. When you do courses without the upgrades, you get access to the courses for their duration and for two weeks after the course finishes to give you some flexibility. 

I watch a lot of documentaries, especially about current events that are on the news a lot so rather than reading article after article, I will watch a documentary. So many streaming services have a great selection and my favourite one on Netflix is Chasing Coral. I watched this a few years ago now and I learnt a lot about climate change from it. It also made me use a lot less plastic! 


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