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I have the original PMD Clean and I love using it (you can check out my review here) so I was really excited to try out both of the new Clean Pro's. My review of the original goes into a lot of detail on the cleansing side of the brush so I would highly recommend checking that out. 
PMD Clean Pro Review
PMD Clean Pro Review
PMD Clean Pro Review
PMD Clean Pro Review
I find that these types of products make a huge difference in my skincare routine and I have tried a few different cleansing brushes from multiple brands and I always come back to PMD. The PMD Pro's actually feature Activewarmth technology which I was so excited to try out! The PMD Pro is a device that has been designed to give you a luxury spa facial every day at home but for a fraction of the price. 

This device is available in two different varieties and I have been testing out them both. There is the PMD Clean Pro that's available in Teal, Navy and Berry which retails for £135 each. This device has an Activewarmth pad that's made out of anodized aluminium that radiates a soothing heat and encourages products to penetrate into the skin at a deeper level. The PMD Clean Pro in Blush retails for £165 and has an Activewarmth pad made out of pure Rose Quartz. I was so intrigued by this one as I have been getting into crystals, thanks to Spencer Pratt! The Rose Quartz consists of elements including magnesium, iron and oxygen and will help to reduce inflammation and tension. 

Both devices feature all of the same features as the original PMD Clean but the PMD Clean Pro are rechargeable, the original takes batteries and this version comes with a storage case as well. I have been loving using these new versions in my evening skincare routine, the side with Activewarmth is one of the coolest things I have used in a while. The device has four different settings, the first two provide vibrations for cleansing and the other two feature pulsations for anti-ageing benefits. When you press the button on the back of the device, it will turn on the Activewarmth setting and I can't get enough! It's extremely relaxing to use on the skin and it feels amazing when you use it to apply serums and oils. 

I have been using both of these devices for a while now and I can't get enough, the Activewarmth is life-changing when it comes to skincare! I find cleansing brushes to make a huge difference to my skin as it is acne-prone and it helps to give the skin a much deeper cleanse. I love using heat in my skincare routine, as I am in my mid-twenties now, I am all about anti-ageing products so I can keep my skin looking younger for as long as possible and this has been a great addition. It really does help products sink into the skin quicker and while I haven't changed any of the products I have been using apart from this tool, my skin has been looking and feeling so much better! While both of the Clean Pro's are fantastic, I do find myself reaching for the Rose Quartz version more often. 

The PMD Clean Pro in all its varieties is available - HERE



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