Top Five Meghan Quinn Books

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I have been on a Meghan Quinn binge lately, I just can't get enough of her books and writing style! She is a writing machine, she just released one book which I adored and has another launching in a few weeks, it's insane but I can't get enough. I thought I would share my favourite books by Meghan so you know where to start and you can experience all the Meghan Quinn goodness.
Top Five Meghan Quinn Books

Both of these books are from the same companion book series about the Knightly brothers. And let me tell you, I am settling for no less than a Knightly brother in my future. They are based in a small town that I desperately wish was real so I could move there. I loved both of these books and have reviewed them if you want to hear my full thoughts but That Second Chance is my favourite out of the two. I only read it a month or so ago and I already can't wait to read it again. I swooned so hard. You can read my reviews - HERE

This was my most recent Meghan Quinn read and I was obsessed!! I can't recommend this book enough, I have been reading a lot of wedding based books lately and this is hands down the best one. It's hilarious, swoon-worthy and just everything I needed. If you liked The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren, I think you'll like this. 

While I adore rom-coms, I also love college-based romances so Meghan Quinn writing both in one book is my favourite thing! I do have spoiler to share on this book as I wish I had known to expect it before going into the book which is that the couple ends up splitting up for years and I hated that part. The first 75/80% of the book, I was obsessed with and would have given it five stars. This is also a sports romance and even though I hate watching and partaking in sports, I love a sports romance! 

All Meghan Quinn books are available on Kindle Unlimited, I can't recommend the service enough and you can get a completely free 30-day trial - HERE



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