What's On My Nails This Month #1

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I thought I would start a new monthly series and share what I'm planning on having on my nails each month. I love doing my nails whether its gel polish, false nails or just traditional polish and I thought this could be a great way to share that.
Kiss Nails
Kiss Nails
I'm back at work now after six weeks off and I want my nails to look nice but be a little more durable. My natural nails are not the greatest, they are fairly thin and extremely bendy and prone to breakage so I love that these are much stronger on my nails. The Kiss Glam Fantasy Nails are going to be what I'm wearing on my nails this month and I have two different styles to wear.

The first is the Wake Up Call Nails. These feature matte navy nails as well as accent nails with a diamond effect with a reflective finish. They are smooth to the touch and I am a huge fan of the shape of these nails. While I will wear almost any style of nail shape, I do find myself preferring a squarer nail rather than a stiletto sometimes. Speaking of stiletto nails, the Partys Over Nails feature this style and I love the colour of these! These are a paler pink/nude shade that is perfect for transitioning into Autumn.

I'm currently wearing the Partys Over Nails and I will be wearing the other style towards the end of the month when it is officially Autumn. These nails are incredibly comfortable to wear and while they claim to have a weeks worth of wear, I always find that they last slightly longer and if a nail pops off, I always glue it straight back on! I love the accent nails with both designs, they are the same but match the colour theme and it looks 3D!

The Kiss Glam Fantasy Nails retail for £7.99 each and are currently on offer at Superdrug - HERE.



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