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New This Autumn from Essence

- Post contains gifted items - 

Essence is one of my favourite makeup brands and you can't bash them for the price! They have recently released a huge selection of new products that you will see individual reviews of over the next couple of weeks but I thought I would give you the lowdown for now. 
New This Autumn from Essence
New This Autumn from Essence
New This Autumn from Essence
I'm obsessed with palettes! There are two Crystal Power palettes, the Blush & Highlighter Palette and the Eyeshadow Palette, each retail for £5.99! I have been playing around with these for a while now and they are so buttery, I couldn't believe it when I first swatched them! I'll have a post up on these soon. Another new palette is the Epic Sunset Eyeshadow Palette (£10.99). This palette features all of the types of tones I love to wear on the eyes but has a few pops of colour to experiment. I can't wait to fully set this out soon! Contouring is a makeup technique that I don't often do (mainly out of laziness) but the Contouring Duo Palette (£3.49) is something I have been testing and loving. It's available in two shades, I have the lighter option of the two and now I can't stop! 

I have tried a few mascaras from Essence and really enjoyed them. What The Fake! Volumising & Lengthening Mascara (£3.49) is another good one! I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I am really liking it and a full review is coming soon. The Hydrating + Perfecting Primer (£3.79) is going to be a great base for makeup. It aims to be long-lasting while providing SPF20 and hydrating the skin. 

Finally, some lip products and a gorgeous new nail polish! The Crystal Power Lipstick (£2.99) which gives the lips a hint of colour and a tonne of moisture. It has a vanilla fragrance that I just can't get enough of, vanilla is my favourite scent! The Perfect Shine Lipstick (£2.99) is available in six different shades. These lipsticks are highly pigmented and comfortable to wear with a super shiny finish! The Crystal Power Nail Polishes are super shimmery and perfect for the upcoming holiday season. 

Essence is available at Feel Unique and Wilko. 



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