Recent Reads #7: Upcoming Releases

- Post contains Netgalley arcs and a proof won in a giveaway as well as affiliate links -

I haven't been reading a lot recently, for me anyway but I still wanted to share three books that I have loved in the last couple of weeks. These books are about to be released in the next month and I can't recommend them enough!  
Would Like to Meet - Rachel Winters

26th of November 2019 (ebook release)

I cannot say enough good things about this book. I simply adored it. I had no idea who Evie was going to end up with but I knew who I was rooting for and I wasn’t disappointed.

This book had me laughing out loud and feeling every emotion throughout the book. I adored Ben and Annette, I looked forward to their appearances and I loved that this book has some sign language rep.

As someone who loves a meet-cute in book and movies, this book was like a dream for me. I loved reading Evie about experiencing them all but the best was definitely saved until last.

Rom-coms hold a special place in my heart and this just became a new favourite.

Full Circle: From Hollywood to Real Life and Back Again - Andrea Barber 

26th of November 2019

As a Full House and Fuller House fan, I couldn’t wait to jump into Andrea’s book and see what her life was and is like. While I only got into the shows as the spinoff started to air on Netflix, I quickly adored Kimmy and wanted to know more about Andrea. This book was really enjoyable and a little bit of a heartbreaking read.

Andrea shares the ups and downs of her life throughout this book and I’m so glad she did. She writes in-depth about her experience with anxiety and depression and that is something I’m so thankful for. Her experience with anxiety specifically was/is extremely close to my own experience and it was nice to know I’m not alone in it.

I loved reading about what she was up to in her time away from Hollywood and it was so insightful into the world of Andrea. She’s extremely honest and open with what she shares in this book and it made me like and admire her even more.

If you’re a Fuller House fan, I can’t recommend this enough.

One Week 'Til Christmas - Belinda Missen

November 1st 2019 (ebook release, only 99p!)

I adore Christmas and this one of my favourite festive reads so far this year. From their meeting, I was hooked. This book was anything I was hoping for and more. I found myself grinning throughout the read. I don’t typically like books set in the U.K. but there was something magical about this one.

It really made me wish this was my life. Isobel was one of my favourite characters while both of the main characters were so likeable and I loved Estelle too.

This book was a super cute romance and a quick read. I highly recommend it.



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