Books to Get You Feeling Festive

I love Christmas time, if you follow me anywhere online I think you might know this by now! I thought I would share four books to have you feeling festive in a flash. I find myself reading Christmas books from September as I can't stop myself! These four are all ones that I have highly rated and have already reread or I am planning to within the next month.
Books to Get You Feeling Festive

This was my most recent Christmas read and while I didn't love it as much as the others, I would still recommend it! This has just been adapted by Netflix and I loved the movie version! This book includes three short stories all set on Christmas Eve when they get snowed in. My favourite out of the three was the one that features a teacup pig. 

Sarah Morgan is the Queen of Christmas! I love her books and I have already read Moonlight Over Manhattan twice this year. This one follows Harriet who is extremely shy and is trying to push herself out of her comfort zone and Ethan who's a doctor. They meet at the beginning of the book as he treats her in the emergency room. Harriet ends up having to temporarily move in with Ethan and it is such a good read! I'm not going to say anything else otherwise it will spoil it but I highly recommend. 

I adore Christmas and this one of my favourite festive reads so far this year. From their meeting, I was hooked. This book was anything I was hoping for and more. I found myself grinning throughout the read. I don’t typically like books set in the U.K. but there was something magical about this one. 

It really made me wish this was my life. Isobel was one of my favourite characters while both of the main characters were so likeable and I loved Estelle too. 

 adored this book so much. As a huge Christmas fan, this really hit the spot. Where are the mince pies?! This was a quick, easy and enjoyable read that’s mainly about family and the holiday season with a little hint of romance thrown in. 

I found all of the characters to be likeable and relatable. I did find myself liking Eloise more, she is just like me so it was so nice to read a character so similar to yourself. Cara was frustrating at times with how hard she works but I did understand why at the same time. I loved that it was told from both of the twin's point of view. 

I really like Beth’s writing style and I would recommend this if you are looking for a book to get in the festive spirit! I loved all the British references throughout the book and I hope Beth writes more Christmassy books!

What are your favourite festive reads?



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