Gift Ideas For Friends Fans | Christmas Gift Guide

I have always been a huge fan of Friends but this year there seems to be so much merchandise to celebrate the 25th anniversary! I have picked out some of my favourite products available that would make great gifts for those Friends fans in your life this Christmas. I can't wait to buy a couple of these for myself. 

Gift Ideas For Friends Fans
Amazon has a huge selection of Friends products and I cannot resist! One of my favourites is the Central Perk Neon Light (£24.99). I have always wanted a neon light for my room and this one couldn't be any more perfect for me. There are also a few yellow frame themed products. There is a Peephole Photoframe (£11.79) as well as an iPhone Case for (£5.95). A Friends themed product that would be great as a stocking filler are the Friends Playing Cards (£3.79). Another game-related product that I think is genius is The One With the Ball Trivia Game (£12). You know the episode, the one where they can't drop the ball. It's one of my favourite episodes and they have created a trivia game around it! 

I collect Funko Pops and I knew as soon as I saw the Friends collection that I needed to get a few. Joey is my favourite, could I BE wearing any more clothes?! The Friends Funko Pops retail for around £10 each. Remember that episode where Phoebe and Mike change their names?! Someone finally created a tote bag with crap bag on it - GENIUS! I need it. This is available on Redbubble. The Chick and the Duck Egg Cups Set (£12.99) is something that I don't need but I really want them. What did the damn chick and the duck do now? And who doesn't need a Your Little Harmonica is Hammered Goblet (£12.99)?

When I was looking for Friends themed items, Typo is a website I came across that had a tonne for bargain prices! Some of my favourites are the Friends Multi Bag Charm (£4.20), the Friends Shower Speaker (£12) and the Friends Cable Covers (£2.10). These cable covers are great to not only make sure that you don't end up with a broken phone charger but they are also pretty cool. Calendars are always something I get a couple of at Christmas and I have two Friends themed favourites. There is a Get A Date Flip Desk Calendar (£3.60) as well as the 2020 Wall Calendar (£7). 

And if you ever wondered what lipstick Rachel Green wore, you need to check out Sophie's blog post - HERE

What is your favourite Friends episode?



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