Lee Stafford Hair Growth Protein Cream Review

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When I was around 15/16, I was so stressed out with school that I pulled my hair out. On one side it was the length of my jaw and the other side was down to my chest as I always did it on one side. I used the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range consistently and it did amazing things for my hair so I was so excited to see a new product added to the range. 
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Protein Cream Review
The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Protein Cream is to be used on towel-dried hair before styling as usual. It's recommended that you apply a pea-sized amount to the palms of your hands and work through the mids to ends of your hair. I love this product, not only does it do great things for the hair but it doesn't leave behind any residue which would weigh the hair down or leave it looking a little greasy or oily. 

The product contains a powerful Biomimetic that will mimic and replace depleted hair protein. The cream works to intelligently repair the most damaged areas of your hair for less breakage and fewer trims needed. It also contains keratin protein which is not only known for doing great things for the hair as it will enhance the surface of the hair cuticle by thickening individual fibres for a stronger, thicker feeling while the hair grows. It will also help to protect against heat and colour damage to keep your hair healthier, grow longer and restore elasticity.

I have had my mum also test this out because we have very different hair types. My hair easily grows but it isn't in great condition, I do still pull it out when I concentrate on things and don't even notice. It is much thinner even though I have a lot of hair. My mum's hair never grows past just below her shoulders and her hair is much thinner than mine is and she doesn't have a lot of it. Both of us have been loving this product! My hair feels much thicker and I love that it helps protect against heat damage as I do blow dry my hair most days. My mum's hair has been looking incredible! It looks so much thicker, she says it feels thicker as well and it's finally growing a little longer than what it has in years. It leaves the hair feeling soft which is a great bonus.

Lee Stafford is a cruelty-free brand.



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