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I was so excited to be on the blog tour today for the first stop to celebrate the launch of Emily's debut book which is out today! I have been following Emily for a while now, we have done a couple of buddy reads and was so excited to read her book.

''Avery and Luke are solid. The love they have is the envy of her friends. So when he joins her at university, she's pretty sure that life can't get much better. But something is changing and when Avery makes a new friend in the brilliant writer Beckett, she starts to see a new side to the man she loves. A side that scares her. As their relationship begins to spiral, she's faced with a life-changing decision. Should she fight for her boyfriend? Or should she fight for herself?''

My Review

Let me start by saying, this does follow a toxic relationship which is definitely something to keep in mind before you start reading this book. It does have a trigger warning at the front of the book which I am very grateful for and this book was brilliantly written. It's crazy to think that this is Emily's debut and I am already excited to read whatever she writes next. And while it is a book mainly about a toxic relationship, it is also about a girl in her early twenties at university, making friends and having family issues at home. And how that toxic relationship also affects her other relationships. Every aspect of this book was handled well and believably written making it relatable. 

Oh how I adored Avery, I related to her in a few ways. I tweeted out a few days ago that reading this book made me realise how a relationship I had at a similar age to Avery was a toxic one. This is why I think this book is such an important read for girls of this age as it is so much easier to see the signs written on the page or on the screen. While my relationship wasn't on the scale that Avery's was, I can't help but think how this book will help so many girls of this age. I really liked Beckett and his friendship with Avery at the beginning of the book. He is a wonderful character. 

I loved the York setting, I have never actually been which is weird as I have lived in England all of my life but now I really want to visit and drink all of the hot chocolate! 

You can get your copy - HERE. It's available in paperback, it's floppy and amazing, as well as on ebook. 



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