Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

- This post contains a gifted item - 

Christmas is my favourite time of year if you couldn't tell and advent calendars are one of my favourite things! Another one of my favourite things is candles, I love making my house smell like Santa's workshop so what could be better than a Yankee Candle advent calendar?!
Yankee Candle Advent Calendar
Yankee Candle Advent Calendar
Yankee Candle has three advent calendars on offer this year and this is the Wreath Advent Calendar (£24.99). It is the most affordable out of the trio. This advent calendar consists of tealights, you get three of each scent included. You also get a glass tealight holder so you can use each tealight once you have opened each door! I have tried so many different candle forms from Yankee Candle and I do like the tealights, they have a surprisingly good scent throw for such a little thing. 

This advent calendar is alpine-inspired designed and has 24 individual doors. I really like the design of this one and it actually had a hole on the back so you can hang it on the wall during December! You get eight different scents included in this beauty, with three tealights of each scent. So you can save up your tealights and light all three together or light one each day. 

There is a mixture of classic festive Yankee Candle scents and new additions to the brand. For the classics, you get Cinnamon Stick, Christmas Cookie, Snowflake Cookie as well as Christmas Magic. For the new additions, you get all four of the new festive scents on offer this year which are Pomegranate Gin Fizz, Candlelit Cabin, Evergreen Mist and After Sledding. You get foodie scents, spice scents and scents to have your home smelling like a Christmas tree in a flash! 

This would be a great advent calendar to treat yourself or a loved one to this holiday season. I don't always like to have chocolate every day so this is such a great alternative and it makes the house smell brilliant! The advent calendars from Yankee Candle are currently on offer, when you buy two you will get the second 50% off! 

You can get your own advent calendar - HERE



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