All Time Favourite Hallmark Channel Movies

Hallmark Channel Christmas movies are my favourite kind of Christmas movie. They come out with so many new ones every year, there are over 30 this year which makes me incredibly happy! Today I am going to share some of my all-time favourite Hallmark movies to get you feeling festive. 
All Time Favourite Hallmark Channel Movies
Most Hallmark movies are super cute, sometimes cheesy romance movies but North Pole and North Pole: Open For Christmas are more like a family movie. I loved these when I first watched them and I can't wait to rewatch them this month. Bailee Madison is in both of these movies and she plays Clemitine the Elf and now I want to be an elf. Lori Loughlin is in the sequel of the movie and I have always really liked her on the Hallmark Channel and on Full House. 

Now onto the cheesy and cute romance movies! 

I got into these movies via Candance Cameron-Bure, she is the Queen of Christmas and the Hallmark Channel! The first Hallmark movie I ever watched was Christmas Under Wraps and the rest is history! Lacey Chabert is in a tonne of Christmas movies and I can't recommend them all enough. A Wish for Christmas is a little different than most Hallmark movies and is a favourite of mine. There are a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies on Prime Video currently and I have picked out my two favourites that you need to add to your watch list. The first is Crown for Christmas. Who doesn't love a royal-themed Christmas romance movie!? The other is Christmas at the Palace which is another royal-themed romance. This was released last year and features of my favourite actresses, Merritt Patterson. This has an ice skating element to it that I loved. 

I have watched Christmas in Homestead so many times I have lost count now. This follows an actress who arrives in a small town to film a movie and falls in love with the inn-keeper/mayor. The Mistletoe Promise features the fake dating trope that I love in books so of course, I ended up being obsessed with this movie! Jaime King stars in this one and I have loved her ever since Hart of Dixie. One of my favourites from last years countdown to Christmas was Christmas at Graceland. This has country music vibes and I was obsessed with it. I loved that Kellie Pickler starred in this and sang a couple of times in it. They even made a sequel movie in the summer and I believe there is a spin-off movie out this year! 

Chad Michael Murray does Hallmark movies now which makes me One Tree Hill heart very happy. Road to Christmas is a road trip, enemies to lovers kind of movie with a family element. Christmas Getaway doesn't get as much hype as it should! This movie follows a travel writer who takes a Christmas vacation but finds herself double-booked with a widower, his mother as well as is daughter at the cabin! 

What are your favourite Christmas movies?



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