Fenty Beauty Flyliner Review - Worth the Hype?

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I'm always searching for the best liquid eyeliner pen and I think I have finally found it! It wasn't love at first sight but I have been using it for about three weeks now and I don't see myself using any other eyeliner any time soon. 
Fenty Beauty Flyliner Review
 Fenty Beauty Flyliner Review
The Fenty Beauty Flyliner is a hyper-saturated, water-resistant liquid eyeliner that has been created for an effortless no-limit lining that lasts. It's currently only available in one shade, Cuz I'm Black, and I hope Fenty comes out with more colours soon. It retails for £18 and is available at all Fenty stockists, I always buy my Fenty Beauty products from Boots.

The first time I used this, it bled as I was applying it and I was gutted as I had heard such amazing things. I continued to use it daily and I don't know what happened that first use but it hasn't happened since! I had been using a much thicker and stiff eyeliner for months and when I started using this one so it took me a couple of days to adjust to this one but I honestly can't get enough of it now. This is the most intensely pigmented liner I have ever used, the only one I have tried that I could compare it to is the Tattoo Liner which I will no longer buy. You never have to go over your liner to build up the pigmentation with this one.

The tube of the eyeliner is a soft-edged triangle that makes it so much easier to hold and grip while you apply. The tip of the eyeliner is an ultra-thin, flexible felt tip and it makes it incredibly easy to apply. The tip of this liner is one of the best things about it as you can go as thick or thin with your liner as you like with it. As it is so flexible, the less pressure you apply will give you a thinner liner and if you apply a little pressure you will be able to achieve a more dramatic liner look. 

I love how intense and pigmented this liner is and it lasts until you remove it, it does have a little bit of a shine to it which I wasn't expecting. It will not budge, I have cried a few times (at Netflix) while I have been wearing it and it does not move! Even when I'm removing my makeup at the end of the day, it hangs on! It is one of the most intensely black liners I have ever used and I will be repurchasing this time and time again. I have been using this every single time that I have been wearing makeup since I got it for Christmas and it is definitely worth the hype! 

Fenty Beauty is a cruelty-free brand. 



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