The Netflix Originals You Need to Watch #13

Not that you would notice but I actually took all of December off from blogging! I scheduled almost the whole month in advance and it was heaven, daily blogging is hard work! I watched a lot of Netflix and I have four series' and specials to share that I have been loving. 
The Netflix Originals You Need to Watch #13
Kevin Hart: Don't F**k This Up 

I really like Kevin Hart and this series is great, it shows so much stuff including interviews with his wife from the cheating scandal etc. I still have a few episodes left to watch but this is so bingeable with 30-minute episodes and only six in total. Kevin Hart works extremely hard and the fact they people tried to 'cancel' him blows my mind. Everybody makes mistakes. 

Virgin River

I am absolutely obsessed with this show, I binged it in 48 hours and I am planning on rewatching it again this month. If you like Hallmark Channel movies and you watched Hart of Dixie, Virgin River is an edgier version of that and the casting is fantastic, I have a girl crush on Alexandra Breckenridge. Virgin River has already been renewed for season two which they have already finished filming and it's also a huge book series with over 14 books or something crazy! 

Fuller House Season 5 Part A

This is one of my all-time favourite TV shows, there is something so special about it and the new episodes were great. I can't believe we only have half a season left and then it's done forever, I kind of hope in 10 years we get a Fullest House with the kids. The ending of this first half of the season had me in tears, it was perfect! 

Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah 

Tiffany is absolutely hilarious and this special was one of my favourites of 2019! If you like stand-up comedy and have seen some of the movies Tiffany has been in, this is worth a watch! She also sings and dances in this which killed me. 

What have you been watching on Netflix lately?



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