Glam Wax Melts Review

- this post contains gifted items -  

I am always raving about wax melts and this year I have been trying out so many new brands and these haven't disappointed. These not only have a great scent throw but they are always aesthetically pleasing! 
Glam Wax Melts Review
The Glam Wax melts are some of the prettiest ones I have come across with glitter running through them. I had seen this quite a bit on Instagram and I was so excited to try them out myself. Each bar retails for £3 each which is a good price for how much you get in each bar and for the scent throw. There are a tonne of scents available and I can't wait to try out some others soon. 

The first scent I got was Pornstar Martini and I am obsessed! This has notes of sweet vanilla vodka with fresh passion fruit and a shot of fizz. I love fruity scents so this was right up my street. The other was Decadent which has notes of iris, plum, saffron, rose, Jasmin and amber. It is a perfect slightly floral scent and I am so fussy with my florals but I am a huge fan of this. 

These wax melt bars are made with soy wax which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The glitter is also biodegradable and free of plastic which is amazing. They are cruelty-free and vegan as well (hooray!). The bars are snappable so they make no mess to pop them into your burners and each bar has 50 hours of burn time. 

The scent throw of each is really impressive and fills rooms quickly and with a strong scent without being overpowering. I got quite a few hours out of each bar and I only used one cube at a time so I was really impressed! My favourite scent out of the two that I tried was definitely Pornstar Martini, I need to stock up on this one as I have almost finished it already. 

You can get your own Glam Wax melts - HERE



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