Hallmark Channel Love Ever After Movie Recommendations

While I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, I do love a Hallmark movie! The Love Ever After event features new movies every year throughout February for Valentine's Day and I have a few recommendations to share today. 
Hallmark Channel Love Ever After Movie Recommendations
This year there are four movies for the event and I have them all on my current watch list. They star some of my favourite actors and actresses making them a must-watch for me. First up is A Valentine's Match starring Bethany Joy Lenz when she finds herself fired from her job as a reality TV host and returns from for Valentine's Day. Only to find herself running into the town festival's auction with her ex-fiance thanks to two scheming mothers! Then there is Matching Hearts starring Taylor Cole who is a professional matchmaker who is trying to convince the town's handsome newcomer to sign up to the matchmaking service. 

Another new release I am excited for this year is Love In Store starring One Tree Hill's Robert Buckley and Virgin River's Alexandra Breckenridge. This follows the two rival home shopping hosts as they are forced together while completing for a promotion and along the way, they find their on-air chemistry that then kindles an off-air spark! This one is out on the 22nd and I cannot wait to watch it. 

Lacey Chabert is the Queen of the Hallmark Channel so I had to include at least one of her movies. Love, Romance and Chocolate came out last year and follows Emma and the chocolatier Luc as they compete for Belgium's Royal Chocolatier. Another food-related movie for this event is Cooking with Love starring Ali Liebert and Brett Dalton. TV producer Kelly doesn't have time for love and bad boy celebrity chef, Stephen, doesn't have time for anything besides cooking. The two are paired together to work on a children's cooking show and it all ensues from there. 



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