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Sassy Shop Wax Must Have Scents

- This post contains gifted items -

I love candles and I can never stop myself from getting more and more. Sassy Shop Wax is a new brand to me that I have quickly become a huge fan of and I'm so impressed with the ones I have tried so far! 
Sassy Shop Wax Must Have Scents
Sassy Shop Wax Must Have Scents
Sassy Shop Wax Must Have Scents
Sassy Shop Wax has a tonne of scents available and different styles to choose from. I have to say, these waxes are some of the prettiest ones I have ever used, I love the colour themes and glitter that they use for their products! The glitter looks lovely when the wax has melted. I have a few of the wax melt bars and segment pots to talk about today. Wax melts are my favourite kind of candle product. You need a warmer to be able to use these as they have no wick, I have an electric one but they also have tonnes of options available online with ones you use with tealights. All you have to do is turn on or light a tealight in the warmer and pop your wax in the top dish and you're good to go! 

The wax melt bars are available in a tonne of scents and I have three, Snow Pixie, Starberry Lily and La Vie Est Bon, which are all part of the permanent range. These retail for £2.75 each and you get a tonne of hours of burn time from each one. I typically use two cubes for each use and I find it to be the perfect amount for a good scent throw. Snow Pixie is my favourite out of the three, hello Snow Fairy! It smells delicious with notes of bubblegum and sweet candyfloss as well as many other notes. All three of these scents incredible and I will definitely be ordering some more soon. 

The Segment Pots retail for £4 and I found these to have a slightly stronger scent throw than the wax melt bars. I have two of these that I have been using which are Blueberry & Vanilla as well as Bedtime Baby. Blueberry & Vanilla has been used a tonne, everybody in my family loves it but Bedtime Baby is perfection. It smells dreamy and I have been using it in the evenings during the week. I only use one piece for each melt and it provides a strong scent throw. 

I've found that these wax melts rival some of the big-name brands and have better scent throw and you get more hours of burn time out of these which is incredible! I love how pretty these wax melts are and I highly recommend them. 



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