Shrub Vegan Hair Care - An Overview

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I love trying out new hair products and this new brand has me excited. I am still in the process of putting these to the test, with reviews and posts to follow but today I am going to give you an overview of all of the products from the brand and a few of my first thoughts. 
Shrub Vegan Hair Care
Shrub is a brand new Vegan haircare brand with British sourced ingredients. They have three core brand values, no use of liquid plastics, honestly and using ingredients from locally sourced British farms. Shurb are aiming to create products that have outstanding results but that are also sustainable, efficacious and ethically sourced. The brand is available at Boots and online at BeautyBay.

Heat Protecting Spray £9.99: I have been using this and I am loving it so far! This will help to protect against heat styling and colour fading. It can be used all over the hair before blowdrying or styling. It also contains ingredients that will help to tame frizz, add strength while keeping colour in top condition.

Instant Detangling Spray £9.99: This is another product I have been testing and loving. This will help to ensure you can brush your hair with ease. It can also be used as a refresher for the hair and it will also help to add some hydration. It makes brushing my long hair a whole lot easier while adding a nice scent. 

Prepare & Protect Hair Primer £9.99: This product can be used on wet and dry hair, before or after styling to make the hair smooth, shiny and much more manageable. It won't weigh your hair down and it will also be nourishing. 

Sea Salt Texturising Spray £9.99: This is to be used to help create beach-ready hair all year round. It has a softening formula and will add texture for the best waves and volume. 

Curl Defining Cream £9.99: It will define and smooth curly, kinky and difficult to manage hair to create a soft hold and be nourishing on the hair cuticles. The hair will become more elastic, easier to style and breakage will be reduced. 

Texturising Clay Putty £9.99: This is 100% naturally derived and free from synthetic polymers and petrochemical derivatives. It will give a matte texture to hair that needs hold while protecting against urban pollution. 

Botanical Wonder Oil £14.99: This is a finishing product that will enhance shine and nourish your hair. It has also been formulated with celery extract to soothe and help with flakey scalp. 

Will you be trying this brand? 



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